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Door Doctor brings 47 years of experience to residential door repair and replacement for customers in Houston, Texas. Our door services also include special work such as custom designed doors and odd sized doors to fit unusual spaces, or to give your home a unique appearance. We are also an authorized dealer for more than 75,000 door and window hardware products, and we are extremely knowledgeable about all of them. Because all doors and windows are unique, call us today for a quote on new hardware.

Your Cure for Door Problems
We are the oldest door repair company in Houston and we remain dedicated to providing professional, dependable service for you. Founded by our father a Vietnam Seabee Veteran who taught us what what real quaility and service is. Treating people the way you would want to be treated.  At Door Doctor, all of our employees have at least 10 years of experience selling, repairing, and installing doors. Before any work is done, we listen to your desires and strive to provide complete satisfaction. During the repair or installation process, we are professional and on-time.

Our Door Services Include:

   •  Garage Door Repair and Replacement
   •  Garage Door Openers and Closers
   •  Residential Door Repair and Replacement
   •  Custom Designed Doors and Odd Sized Doors
   •  Glass Repair and Replacement

Family Owned and Operated•   47 Years • Experience is Everything!


Garage, Door Repair in Houston, TX